Best Practices In Fair Use for Nonfiction Authors
Welcome and thank you for taking the time to fill out this 10-15 minute survey. Our goal is to learn more about your experiences incorporating preexisting material into your work (e.g., quotations, images, graphs, lyrics).

Often when publishing nonfiction works, authors use quotations, images, or other material from preexisting works. Sometimes incorporating this work is allowed under a concept called "fair use," but other times such uses require obtaining permission or a license from the copyright holder. It can often be difficult for an author or publisher to know when to rely on fair use and when to seek permission or a license.

Please help us build a resource to help nonfiction authors like you navigate fair use. Your responses will be crucial to the development of a Fair Use Best Practices Guide for Nonfiction Authors. This guide will identify the most common kinds of situations that nonfiction authors encounter when incorporating preexisting materials into their nonfiction works. It will also provide authors and publishers with guidelines that reflect the community's understanding about acceptable fair use practices when using these materials.

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