The Spot 4MKE

Thank you for your interest in “The Spot 4MKE," located on the corner of 5th Street and Wisconsin Ave.

What is “The Spot 4MKE," you ask?

After gaining community input over almost 18 months from hundreds of Milwaukeeans from all over the city, the people have spoken! So now, with all the ideas we have received, the Creative Alliance Milwaukee (CAM) aspires to create a climate for enhanced delight in downtown Milwaukee by creating a space that is “uniquely Milwaukee”… thus, “The Spot 4 MKE” is being born!

Activities at The Spot may include:
• Milwaukee food (e.g. food trucks, packaged food produce, custard, cheese, beer)
• Milwaukee items for sale (e.g. Milwaukee-makers, Milwaukee team items, Milwaukee t-shirts, etc.)
• Milwaukee’s unique opportunities to be creative (e.g. interactive and participatory activities e.g. “Hello Milwaukee” morning yoga class, cribbage, classes/trainings, etc.)
• Milwaukee-based performers and creatives (e.g. spoken word, bands, film, multi-media, solo acts, busking, etc.). It can also be used as free space to practice, try out new ideas or gain some visibility and attention
• Milwaukee activities that change with the seasons (e.g. Holiday market, bonfires, demonstrations, etc.)
• A meeting place to discuss ideas or to gather your group before heading off elsewhere

Everyone is welcome! Find your Spot!

In order to reflect and include the entire Milwaukee community in this vision, The Spot 4MKE has the goal of empowering creative and innovative business models, artists, creatives and underserved communities with the opportunity to showcase their talent and ideas to maximize the chance for success of startups, entrepreneurs and lots of Milwaukee activities. Let us know how you'd like to be involved or use The Spot 4MKE by answering the questions below.

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