IJCL First Place State Grant Form
Are you a state winner going to the national convention?

Any JCL member who receives a first-place award in any academic, graphic arts, or creative arts contests or in certamen at state convention may apply for a portion of the That's Entertainment funds by May 15. He or she may apply for as many first-place awards as he or she receives.

Each nominee must agree to participate in the event(s) at the national convention.

No first-place winner is an automatic recipient; application is required.

A first-place state winner in certamen could automatically be on the state team at national and would not have to try out, but must indicate his or her intent by the May 15 deadline.

The money will be divided equally among the first-place awards. (It is possible that a person could have more than one first-place award. Each one would count separately.)

The maximum amount a student could receive would be the total cost of a national convention packet.

A recipient who does not participate in the event at national convention must return the money to the state.

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