Second Step 4th & 5th Grade Student Survey
You will not be graded on this so please be as honest as possible.
What is your room number?
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What grade are you in?
1. What skills do you use for learning?
What little things do you do or habits you have that help you be successful and learn? They can be as simple as what you do before, during or after class.
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2. Do you listen and pay attention in class? (Pick One)
3. Do you like school? (Pick One)
4. Do you get in trouble at school? (Pick One)
5. Do you get along well with others? (Pick One)
6. Do you make friends and socialize well with others? (Pick One)
7. What are feelings?
Can you define the word
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8. Do you find it easy or hard to express your feelings?
(Pick One)
9. What is Empathy?
(Pick One)
10. What is Compassion?
(Pick One)
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