Coweta County - Request for College Student Placement
College/University Request for College Student Placement
This request is to be submitted by a college representative with a college email address to be accepted.
The requested should be submitted at least 6 weeks before the day of the placement to begin, if not earlier.
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College Students Name *
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Is the student an employee of Coweta County School System? *
If so, what is their location of employment and job title/responsibility?
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Does the student have children/relatives that work or attend CCSS? *
If so, what location(s) and relationship to student.
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Does the student have a Pre-Service or PSC clearance certificate for Georgia? *
Complete the information below for the placement being requested with Coweta County School System.
Please note that we will work to meet your request; however, due to the number of request that Coweta County School System receives, the final placement decision many not match your initial request. Please request placement at least 6 weeks prior to start date.
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Grade preference for placement (2nd Choice)
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Subject area needed for placement
Is there a special subject/target area of accommodation being requested for this placement? If so, describe a brief description? (Counseling, Early Childhood, History, Sp. Ed. etc.)
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The student is responsible for submitting the following information to be considered for the request for placement process.
1. A hard copy of the CCSS health information form.
2. An original/notarized self obtaining criminal background check from a local sheriff or police station. The CBC should be within 30 to 45 days of the starting date of their placement.
The address is CCSS Central Office, 167 Werz Industrial Drive, Newnan, GA 30263.
Electronically sign this request for placement with your email address to authenticate all information provided is true and correct. *
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