Thanksgiving Ordering for Tewes Farm
Thanks for having your holiday tradition with our family. Reminder to bring your pan at pickup so the turkey won't leak water in your car. Also we prefer cash being a small business, but do take credit cards. Any questions?
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Whole Turkey $3.25/lb
We recommend about 3/4 lb to 1 lb per person. *Please be flexible on the size. They are still alive when you order and eating. If you'd like more than one note that in the comment section below. It comes with one neck, gizzard ,and liver. Ask at pickup if you'd like them removed.
Turkey Breast only (less than 1 lb per person) $6.50/lb
Boneless breast cost extra (put a note at the end of form if you want boneless). Breasts come with one gizzard and one liver. As at pickup if you'd like them removed.
Whole chicken?
Half a turkey? (literally half - one wing, leg, breast- all attached)
For those who want smaller , but still fresh and tasty. Quicker cook time
FYI We have extra legs, wings, giblets, or eggs if you are interested. Just ask when you pick up your order.
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Pick up date? (only 1-3 days prior to cooking it--if more than this, you will need to freeze your turkey) *
Any other questions or comments? To order 2 turkeys or more, note that here.
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Email to confirm your order (please double check your spelling or your confirmation email will not get to you). Also check your spam for the return email. It takes us a day or so to reply *
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