Alyssa Strege Memorial Scholarship
Donors with a heart for the ministry of Covenant Christian High School have contributed funds to help pay tuition for students with specific needs and demonstrated characteristics. These scholarships are administered by the Scholarship Committee in accordance with the donors’ criteria. To qualify for the Alyssa Strege Memorial Scholarship, applicant must submit all requirements to the CCHS Scholarship Committee, as well as apply for financial aid. Deadline is March 15.

Award Criteria:

- A one-year, $500 scholarship awarded annually to two students.
- Available to students entering their sophomore, junior or senior years at Covenant.
- Applicant must currently be a participant in Covenant's Volunteer Work Study Program.
- Applicant must demonstrate a strong desire to obtain a Covenant education.
- Students may reapply annually.
- Need-based. The applicant's parents/guardians must apply for financial aid by April 15.
- Student essay required.
- Essay due by March 15.
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