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If you are a Coursera partner and have insights you would like to share on our blog about your teaching experience, please share your ideas with us through this form. A Coursera representative will follow up with you via the email address you provide in the form. We are excited to discuss your ideas!
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Posts on the Coursera blog could appeal to one of two audiences- Coursera learners or Coursera Partners and educators. Posts for Coursera learners should be short, non-technical, and focused on helping the learner make a positive step forward for their future. Posts for Coursera partners can be longer and are often research-driven, but are not highly technical; posts frequently focus on best practices for teaching online or innovative teaching methods.
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What are you thinking of including in your blog post? Please include an initial outline for the structure of the post and key ideas you would like to include. On average, we recommend keeping blog posts under 500 words.
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Would you be interested in co-authoring with a Coursera expert?
We offer the opportunity to collaborate with our Coursera team to add additional perspective to your post and provide data, research or other expertise depending on your topic area. Let us know if you are interested in this option.
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