Save energy and win 200 dollars

Hi WWW folks, you get a chance to win 200 dollars:

You will be automatically entering our prize pool by participating in this study. The chances for winning the prizes are approximately 3 out of 50.
- First Prize: 200 dollars, with one winner
- Second Prize: 50 dollars, with two winners (each of the two winners will receive 50 dollars)

Are you going to WWW 2013? Are you staying at a hotel? If your answer "YES" to all, we want to invite you to a diary study for approximately 30 minutes - 45 minutes. Please sign up by putting your e-mail address below.

After signing up, you can go here and download the diary: After completing the diary, please return it to (For any reason if you cannot open or edit the diary, you can try Adobe Reader. Download it here:

A little bit about the research: we are researchers at Cornell University, who are passionate about user experience and energy use. We want to invite you to our diary studies on user experience around energy consumption in hospitality. In particular, we want to understand how you use electronics (e.g., bathroom light(s), bedroom light(s), TV, etc.) in a hotel room, and we want to listen to your experiences of staying in the hotel.

If you have any question regarding the study, don’t hesitate to contact Xiying Wang at (she is a PhD student at Cornell University Information Science Department).

We greatly appreciate your help! Looking forward to your participation.

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