Coral Bleaching Reporting Form

Dear coral reef users & friends!

Once you are in the reef, just add 15-20 min dedicated to applying this method and form which will provide us with a lot of information from many different sites:

- do a 5 min timed swim and observe the reef
- look at all the hard corals that can be seen and note their growth shape
(graphic shown below)
- estimate % of corals bleached in the area that you cover in 5min and record
severity of bleaching (categories shown below)
- if you have an underwater camera: take 2-3 general images from the reef area,
plus 10 or more vertical images 1m above substrate, separated by 2 or more meters
- if possible repeat the survey 4-5 times by moving along your reef
- fill out this form and submit your images for each survey
- if you can't fill out everything, don't worry and continue providing us
with the information you do have!

Thank you for assisting our regional coral bleaching reporting efforts!

This simplified web-form has been set up to assist non-specialists in basic reporting of coral bleaching observations in the WIO, Red Sea & Gulfs, and South Asia & NE Indian Ocean. All data will be submitted to the global bleaching form supported by the NOAA Coral Reef Watch programme.

For more information, please go to:

    Observer Information

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