Master Program Curriculum
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Program PhaseExploration and Orientation: Crowdfunding Systems and CriteriaCapital and Idea Validation: Defend your Narrative and NumbersProduct, Service, and Solution: Competition, Intellectual Property and ValidationIndustry Attractiveness: Strategic Partnerships and DifferentiationMarket Validation and Analysis: Market Testing and Pitch Video ProductionPresentation Quality and Marketing: Media Marketing and Pitch Video RefinementPresentation Quality and Marketing: Marketing Campaign and Pitch Video Refinement Presentation Quality and Marketing: Video, Marketing and Pitch Evaluation and RefinementPresentation Quality and Marketing: Pitch Evaluation, Demonstration Preparation and RefinementcoPhilly Demo Weekend: coPhilly Entrepreneurs Pitch the General Public, Investors, and Advisors
Program WeekWeek 1: June 2 - June 6Week 2: June 9 - June 13Week 3: June 16 - June 20Week 4: June 23 - June 27 Week 5: June 30 - July 4Week 6: July 7 - July 11Week 7: July 14 - July 18Week 8: July 21 - July 25Week 9: July 28 - August 1 1
Program Schedule Day Time
Week 1 - Day 2
Week 1 - Day 2
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Week 2 - Day 1 : -
Week 2 - Day 2 : -
Week 2 - Day 3 : -
Week 3 - Day 1 : -
Week 3 - Day 2 : -
Week 3 - Day 3 : -
Week 4 - Day 1 : -
Week 4 - Day 2 : -
Week 4 - Day 3 :
Week 5 - Day 1 :
Week 5 - Day 2 : -
Week 5 - Day 3 : -
Week 6 - Day 1 : - Week 6 - Day 2 : -
Week 6 - Day 3 : -
Week 7 - Day 1: -
Evaluate Social Media and Inbound Market Strategy
Week 7 - Day 2Week 7 - Day 3: -
Week 8 - Day 1Week 8 - Day 2Week 8 - Day 3 Week 9 - Day 1Week 9 - Day 2Week 9 - Day 3 Week 10 - Day 1 Week 10 - Day 2Week 10 - Day 3
Monday, June 2, 20143 hrs5:30 PM8:30 PMWednesday, June 4, 20143 hrs5:30 PM8:30 PMThursday, June 5, 20143 hrs5:30 PM8:30 PMMonday, June 9, 20143 hrs5:30 PM8:30 PMWednesday, June 11, 20143 hrs5:30 PM8:30 PMThursday, June 12, 20143 hrs5:30 PM8:30 PMMonday, June 16, 20143 hrs5:30 PM8:30 PMWednesday, June 18, 20143 hrs5:30 PM8:30 PMThursday, June 19, 20143 hrs5:30 PM8:30 PM
Program Day ObjectivescoPhilly Program Introduction and Overview:
Objectives, Topics, Process and Success Metrics

Crowdfunding Portal Identification Goal and Timeline

Define Crowd and Investor Criteria

Define Brand and Build PR Strategy
Identify Financial and Legal Needs - Conduct Due Diligence 101 Identify needs related to P&L statements, budgets, financial projections
Define Crowdfunding Marketing Strategies

Identify and Engage Target Supporters

Identifying Competition and Idea Validation - Market Assesment

Identifying Competition and Idea Validation - Financial Assessment

Develop Industry Attractiveness, Define Unique Strengths and Differentiators
Develop Storyboard Narrative and PlatformRefine Business, Financial and Legal Strategies
Prepare for Video Camera Ready
Production Shoot Pitch Video
Refine Business and Financial Strategie

Edit and Enhance Pitch Video

Refine Media Marketing Strategy
Refine Business, Financial and Legal Strategies
Evaluate Social Media and Inbound Market Strategy
Week 7 - Day 2Connect Investors, Sponsors and DonersConvert Targeted Supporters to Clients and StakeholdersRefine Marketing and Financial StrategiesEvaluate and Refine Pitch and Message ContentEvaluate and Refine Marketing Campaign and Financial StrategyPrepare and Improve Pitch MessagePreview and Review Pitch Pitch PresentationWeek 10 - Day 2Week 10 - Day 3
Program Subject Requirements Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff Services Subject ActivityTimeMaterials ResourcesStaff ServicesWeek 8 - Day 1Week 8 - Day 2Week 8 - Day 3Week 9 - Day 1Week 9 - Day 2Week 9 - Day 3Week 10 - Day 1Week 10 - Day 2Week 10 - Day 3
Program Subject - Topic Activity 1coPhilly Accelerator Program Introduction:15 minOverview of Required Funding Financial Topics
Breakeven Analysis Overview
15 minCore Funding Portal FAQ'sOverview of Funding Evaluation Criteria15 minKevinPR Content and DMS Digital Media Strategy
1hrStrategy TemplateMBNBusiness 1011hr 30minVideo Media Storytelling Workshop
Video Production Process Overview
Video Pre-production
Creating Your Message, Platform and Community
Developing Your Story
Introduction to Scripting and Storyboarding
1hrLaptop, Projector, WorkSheetJC, MBNMicroblogging - Value, Doing, Strategy1hrWeb access and SAMPLE Blogs, Tweets, etc.
MBNMarket Testing and Validating 1hrSurvey Marketing SitesBudget Review:45 minInbound Sales and Marketing1 hrVideo Pre Production Scripting 1 hrHarwdare, Templates, ideas
JC, MBNBusiness, Financial and Legal Strategy1 hrVideo Production Techniques:30minCoPhilly LabJC, MBNVideo Poduction Shoot; Shoot Book and Final Client Specification Document3 hrCoPhilly LabJC, MBN, PhilaActingBudget FinanceVideo Post Editing Tools andTechniques1hr 30 minCoPhilly Media LabJCDigital Media Outreach - Enabling the Ecosystem - Press, Group(s), and Individual.3 hrPress Contact Template (Database sourced)MBNContracts:45 minSite Compliance LinksVideo Outpt Presentation and Distribution2 hrCoPhilly Media Lab
Set-up/ Stage the plan!
Post Scheduling and provide templates
Distribution and Campaign Management Process Team and DeliverablesVideo Marketing Feedback Market Test, Rewards Surveys Evaluating and Improving Message ContentEvaluating Campaign 30%SecureDemo PreparationLaunch Party Preview
Program Subject - Topic Activity 2Program Objectives, Expectations and Evaluation
Sylabus Walk Through
:30 minGoogle Drive Apps/ FAQFunding Goals; Micro, Actual, Stretch30 minJobs Evaluation Criteria and Methods - Valid Eval30minKevinDevise Strategy for insertion, introduction, conenction, sales.
Developing a Press Release Process and Schedule
Break Even Review and Budget Cash Flow Discussion1 hr 30 minLegal 101
Introduction to Contracts Intellectual Property and Patents Relative to Startup and Crowdfunding Cases
Editing Individual User Documents and Templates in
User Name - Goals & Results Folders
:30 minKevin / MBNIdentify Engagement Process:30 minWhat? Who? When?MBNSurveys and Assumption Testing:30minSurvey Marketing SitesProfit and Loss Statements:45 minImpulse Sales and Factors Story Boarding:30minStory Board TemplateMBNIntelectual Property and Patents1 hrAudio for Pitch Video Narrative:30minWhisper RoomPhila Acting Studio
Balance Sheet and Ratios:90 min JeffData Centric Content1 hrLab, Templates, ToolsKevin / MBN

Press Release Template (Database Sourced)MBNIntelectual Property and Patents45 min
Legal Check List
Social Media Platform Distribution Methods and Techniqus1 hrDocument update and enable Eco-system
YouTube Channels
Budget Valuation45 minEvaluating Impact and Community Feedback KPIVideo RewardsPost Campaign FullfillmentUsing Results to Improve Message
Program Subject - Topic Activity 3Overview of Program Topics and Schedule:30 minKey Sites DocBootstrapping and Lean Methodology30 minWhite PaperCrowdfunding and Investor Criteria30 minKevinDefining Current Profiles1hrWhat message are you sending?MBNRewards and Perks
:30 minKevin Video Pre Production Creating Your Message Defining your Community and Platform 1hrTools to write, shoot, edit, post video.MBN, JCCore Strengths; Red Flags:30minSWOT AnalysisKevin / MBNImport Campaign Content Indie Funding Platform Templates:60 minMBNPitch Development and Practice1hrPodium and presentation toolsKP, MBNTools and Techniques1hrApp's Software HardwareJC, MBNKPI, Company specifications:30 minLighting for Pitch Video:30minCoPhilly Light KitFlemuel Brown
Perks, ROI and Reward Strategy
Price point vs Value
Progressive Rewards
Stretch GoalsOffline Matching
:90 minKevinAnimation and Infomatics:30 minCoPhilly Media LabMBN

Budget Finance30 min
TwitterFinancial Numbers Review45 minCrowd Source Feedback 30% IdentifyBudget FinancePractice
Program Subject - Topic Activity 4Program Materials and Process :30 minEntrepreneurial / CreativeFunding Portal Identification and Discovery30 minIndustry SitesCrowdfunding Success and Failure Cases60 minKevinEstablishing and Building the Ecosystem Identifying Top Incumbants and Competitors:30minR&D processMBN/KevinNO LAB TIME
Price Points vs Competitor; Number Justification; Transparency in Numbers and Narrative1hrTeam Bios TemplateKevin / MBNPerks, Title, Pics:30 minImprov Elevator1 hrSupriseKPLAB TIME1 hrCoPhillyBudget Projections :30 min
Review KPI45 min
Landing PagesBudget FinanceProfit and Loss
Program Subject - Topic Activity 5Creation of Gmail Accounts:30 minLeadership / TechFunding Portal Pros and Cons and FAQ's15 minProject Types - similarLAB TIME:45 minCoPhillyLAB TIME:15 minCoPhilly

LAB TIME1hrCoPhilly

Exit Strategy45 min
FacebookProfit and LossCashflow
Program Subject - Topic Activity 6Google Drive and Website Walk Through
Permission for Sharing
:30 minAudit FormsVideo Overview

Pricing ValidationCashflowJustify Numbers
Program Subject - Topic Activity 7
LAB TIME1 hrInsurance
Program Subject - Topic Activity 8
Program Subject - Topic Activity 9
Program Subject - Topic Activity 10
Program Subject - Topic Activity 11
Program Subject - Topic Activity 12
Materials Resource 1Google Drive Apps/ FAQCore Funding Portal FAQ'sValid Eval AppsSocial Media FAQ'sFinancial TemplateTools Edit Station/ProjectorSample : CypherSurvey Marketing SitesValuation FAQ'sImpulse FactorStory Board TemplatePeople and Video resourceHands on Video TrianingSHOOT - TODAYProgressive RewardsPost ready Check ListPress Contact Template (Database sourced)Site Compliance LinksSet-up/ Stage the plan!4 person Team dynamicsAdvisor and MarketingContact List TemplateGroup feedback tools / optionsContact List TemplateWritten Commitment FormsValid (relative to company and/or industry)Written Commitment Forms
Materials Resource 2Key Sites DocJobs CF success docsPlatform Keys docBets Practices DocExamples (Templates of Process)Group/dynamicsSWOT AnalysisKhan Academy Video TutorialsSheet/FAQScript TemplatePitch MomentScript / Story ReviewScript / Story ReviewStretch GoalPress Release Template (Database Sourced)Legal Check ListDocument update and enable Eco-systemTeam Evaluator ModelMock of plan for MarketingFeedback formExposure process via Digital Media Strategy (DMS)Feedback formPost - delivery Check listInvest in site pre-launch and start-upPost - delivery Check list
Materials Resource 3… Entrepreneurial / CreativeWhite PaperTemplate Press Release TemplateEvaluation criteriaReward FAQ/HintsElemnts of StyleTeam Bios TemplateValuation ExerciseMarketing FunnelOriginal ideasMatching fundsPost Scheduling and provide templatesTeam Duties Check ListInvest in the website permanentInvest in the website permanentPrepare online/offline capabilities vs needs vs actualStudent (post event) Action PlanSet-up and deliver process
Materials Resource 4… Leadership / TechIndustry SitesPitch deckExample Press Release Tutorial Video'sAlternative OptionsStory Telling / Cypher / eventsPitch Deck TemplateDevelop ContentCustomize / PersonalizeSponsor TemplatesSponsor TemplatesWorkstation and hardware planning and execution
Materials Resource 5Audit FormsProject Types - similarIndie Exec SumEli RonaldoBasic FAQ / GlossaryROI CalculatorExpertsIndie TemplateEarly Adapters
Materials Resource 6Video OverviewPR"stunt"docLegal FAQ/GlossaryBest Video / Perks linksElevator Pitch TemplatePerks /AdvisorsGroup feedback tools / options
Materials Resource 7CF Spec Legal Doc'sCF Auto-replyExposure process via Digital Media Strategy (DMS)
Materials Resource 8OK Supplied doc's/VideoTemplate article
Staff or Service Resource 1coPhilly Primary StaffIndie RepresentativeValid Eval RepresentativeEli RonaldoJeff BrunoRewads PlatformRose SpinelliJeff BrunoDave AlericoHMCLegal PanelNew PacePanel of Local Reward SuccessesDoug EllenoffPanel with investors, advisors, sponsorsMock Invetor Panel
Staff or Service Resource 2Rocket RepresentativeAngel Investor RepresentativeNateSMDEquity PlaformHMCSMOOK, LeeHMCBFTP, OK, SMD, StakeholdersYcomb or T.. Panalists
Staff or Service Resource 3Crowdunder RepresentativeVC RepresentativeOKVideo ProducerPanel DiscussionMarc, JeffMilk Boy
Homework and Study Resources
Business Service DescriptionOrient participants, establish a program roadmap. Present program objectives, outline, process and content tools.Review legalities and specifications involved with 50 leading crowdfunding portals and choose ideal portal based on client’s funding goal, project category, and target audience.Identify a justifiable micro-goal, target-goal, and stretch-goal related to funding needs. Funding timeline will reflect client’s available resources. Raise Client visibility 30-90 days prior to live fundraising with proper public-facing messaging.Investors Sponsors and Donors meet and match
Student Activity Students meet with business owners who are seeking 90-day internship engagements. Ambassador Business owners interview and get matched with student interns. Students research best practices of funding portals and disclose all vetting standards, fees, and reward restrictions.Students research price points related successful and failed campaigns.Begin Building Pitch Deck Template on Indigogo PlatformEvent Mentors Meet and Match
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