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Thank you for your enquiry, please provide as much information as possible, to enable us to accurately match your required spare part to the version of your machine.

If there is any doubt please send a photo of the part you require to

We are happy to provide advice or spare parts either as assemblies and components in singles or in bulk quantities to any customer or technician.
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Please don't worry we are happy to send spares to any customer, this just helps us identify where to send the parts to. If you are a private individual please just say "Private" or "End user"
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The postcode will allow us to accurately quote a carriage cost and delivery time scale.
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This so that we can send you a quote and if required a photo of the part for confirmation
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This is just in case we need to call you for further details of the product or spares.
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The serial number helps us identify the exact model, the time and date of manufacture and any variations from a standard product. This is to ensure you get the exact replacement part and the correct information to assist you repairing the unit. If there is any doubt please enter unknown or type in the model number. The serial number is usually on a large white label either on the back or underside of the unit.
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This again will help us identify the correct part for you.
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Please describe in as much detail as you think required, the spare part you need, if we are in any doubt we will call you and or send a photo to confirm the part.
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If you need any assistance please let us know here, alternatively call us on 01905 342070
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