VNN 2017-2018 Application

The Vogel News Network is a year long commitment. There will be two teams of 8 put together and students will be responsible to learn all of the jobs listed above.. If the student is chosen to be part of the news team, he/she must be at school on broadcast days NO LATER THAN 8:25, when students are dismissed to their classes. All VNN members are held to a higher standard and are expected to be on time, make good grades, have excellent behavior and be role models to other students. We want this team to be the very best, and we know that Vogel has many students that can help continue to make this the best news team in CISD. ALL applications are due by Wednesday, MAY 17, 2017 3:30 pm, NO EXCEPTIONS.
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ANCHOR: The anchors are responsible for reading the script live for the cameras while interacting with the other anchors. These students must be great readers with outgoing personalities. They should be able to think quickly in situations that arise where they might have to ad-lib.

CAMERA OPERATOR: This student will operate the video camera and troubleshoot live broadcast situations immediately.

VIDEO MIXER/COMPUTER TECH: This position operates the computer during the broadcast. Weather maps are drawn up, slide shows are presented and videos are presented during the broadcast. Powerpoint knowledge and ability to find information on the internet is a major plus. This position will also operate the video mixer by switching the broadcast from live feed from the camera to footage being shown via the computer.

AUDIO TECH: This crew member will operate an audio board. They must think quickly on their feet in order to switch on & off the correct microphones & sound sources.

SCRIPT WRITER: This person will be responsible for researching and writing scripts for the broadcasts. This person MUST have capable writing skills & be able to spot errors. They will also distribute scripts as needed. The script writer will work closely with the VNN sponsor. The script writer will have a separate audition in order to have their writing skills scored.

VNN crew members will learn all job descriptions

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