Conjunctured - One Week Free Trial Application

Open house. Open minds. Are you interested in learning more about Conjunctured? The SXSW tidal wave has passed on through Austin, which presents the perfect moment for all of us to continue harnessing the power of connection and serendipity to promote positive changes in our lives. To help be a part of this positive change, we're reaching out to Austin community and opening our doors so that inspired individuals can sign up for a free trial week to see what it's like to work in Austin's first coworking space. During your trial week you will have full access (11am-6pm, M-F) to all the resources and amenities that we offer to our members (with the exception of 24/7 access). We get a ton of value coworking with other people at Conjunctured, and we think you will too. Simply fill out this application to apply for a week that works best for you. We look forward to coworking with ya! NOTE: Due to space limitations, applications for free trials are limited.
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