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Thank you for joining our Physical Activity Volunteering Project. This short form is what you will need to fill out to receive a credit. All of your information will be kept with Community Action: MK and will used only in conjunction with this project and Volunteering. Working on this project with CA: MK are MK Community Foundation, the Open University and the Public Health Department at MK Council.

You can sign up for a credit when you have actively volunteered this month. You can apply once a month for a credit until July 2017 and you will be sent a credit once your volunteering has been confirmed (with the organisation where you volunteered).

How to Claim Your Credits, so you can use them go this website link:

You only have until 31st August 2017 to use your credits!
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It can take up to a week to process a credit- so please be patient. If you have any queries please email me-
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