Ignite Craft Boston 3

Thank you for taking the time to submit a presentation proposal; it's a very quick process -- we promise! Ground Rules
  • Presentation proposals will be juried based on the topic’s relationship with the event theme and how the talk will fit into the event
  • We cannot guarantee the acceptance of all presentations into the program
  • You do not need to be a person/company/organization in Boston, but local presenters will get preference if we have a glut of presentations
  • Good, interesting stories get preference over sales pitches
  • We try to make sure that there is a good mix of technical, fun, and off the wall, so if you think it's worth talking about let us know
  • Each submission will be reviewed and responded to within five business days
Presentation Requirements
  • Presentation must be submitted in a Microsoft PowerPoint file
  • Presentations must have only 20 slides
  • Presentation slides must automatically change every 15 seconds (the slides will be checked when submitted and this will be added if it does not exist)
  • No animation, unless you can promise that it will function correctly on my computer and not mess up slide timing
  • Please show up as early as possible to the event, we would like to take a group photo prior to beginning event
  • Your presentation will be recorded and distributed in video format online after the event
Dates of Interest NOV 09 - First batch of tickets are released for event DEC 01 - Second batch of tickets are released for event DEC 28 - Presentation Proposal Submission Deadline JAN 01 - Third batch of tickets are released for event JAN 09 - Presentation Submission in PPT format JAN 11 - Ignite Craft Boston For more information about the event please visit: http://commoncod.com/ignite For an example of what a presentation might look like, check out previous talks here: http://www.youtube.com/commoncod
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