CFC Medical and Social Wellness Fellowship Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Columbus Free Clinic Medical and Social Wellness Fellowship. This program involves two components:

1) Undergraduate volunteer at CFC

The clinic runs only on Thursday nights from 5-10PM. Volunteers must be available for both potential shifts during this time. Current undergraduate volunteer opportunities include patient check-in, confirmation calls, lab data entry, survey data entry, and social work liaisons. There are also opportunities for participation in small projects. Listed below are task descriptions.

Patient Check-In Assistant Tasks
- Set up and run patient check-in
- Make confirmation calls
- Manage nightly appointments
- Facilitate patient experience

Data Entry
- Laboratory result transcription
- Imaging result transcription
- Patient satisfaction survey result entry

Social Work Liaisons
- Work with patients to access resources
- Facilitate the check-out process
- Assess patients needs

2) CFC Medical and Social Wellness Fellowship meetings

The CFC Medical and Social Wellness Fellowship was developed to provide undergraduate fellows with the structure and support to gain valuable clinical experience. The organization will provide fellows with the resources to draw connections with social determinants of health that impact the Franklin County Community. Fellows are encouraged to take initiative as members of the student organization and as a CFC volunteer. Students will gain clinical experience, work with medical professionals, and actively contribute to delivery of health and social services offered by the Columbus Free Clinic.

Meetings for fellows are mandatory. Meetings are currently held every other Tuesday throughout the term.


Please note: Due to the volume of applications and the small number of positions, we will not contact all applicants. Many of our volunteers stay with us longitudinally, so we will only reach out to you if we are in need of filling an empty position. If you do not hear from us, we strongly suggest that you re-apply for the next cycle. Thank you for your interest in helping out at the Columbus Free Clinic!

Note: Volunteer positions are preferentially given to undergraduate students at the Ohio State University who can commit to at least 2 semesters of volunteering.

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