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Each person who wishes to be paid by Columbia University for teaching a course as an adjunct must fill in this form. Please consult your sponsor if you are unsure about to how to answer any questions.
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Proposed Number *
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Proposed Title *
e.g., "Advanced Topics in Computer Science"
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Indicate your availability (1:50 slots)
Select one or more If you will be holding a one-a-week seminar course
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Select one or more if  you will be holding a twice-a-week lecture course
Potential conflicting courses
What courses, if any, would you prefer be offered at a different time than yours, i.e., so that students could take both?  Please consult your sponsor to ensure your course is not scheduled concurrently with a relevant course. See
If you have a UNI, what is it? *
e.g., se2007
Are you an employee or otherwise affiliated with Columbia University?
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What is your citizenship status? *
Note that Columbia cannot sponsor H1B visas for adjuncts; you must be a US citizen, permanent resident, or the equivalent.
Are you able to sign Columbia’s Invention Agreement? *
If you need a special waiver, please explain. See
When are you available to register as an adjuct? *
Please indicate times during the week when you can visit Columbia to initiate the process of registering you as an adjunct. Note that certain issues must be resolved long before the course begins. Others, such as processing payroll forms, have a very small time window during which the forms can be processed. YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE TO FILL OUT SOME FORMS NEAR THE BEGINNING OF SEP 1 OR JAN 1 (right before the term you are teaching).
Who is the lead adjunct for this course? *
If payment for the course is to be split among multiple individuals, please indicate who is the lead adjunct.
How should payment be split among multiple individuals?
Only if you are the lead, please indicate how payment is to be split (in percentages) among all individuals who should receive payment.
Please indicate any other special requests or conditions that affect the teaching of your course.
At what point should we cap the enrollment for this course? *
This should be the absolute limit on the number of students you are willing to teach. 60 is typical; 30 is small
How will you be compensated for this course? *
What semester will you teach? *
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