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The 1 in 3 Campaign takes its name from the reality that 1 in 3 women in the United States will have an abortion in her lifetime. The campaign aims to destigmatize abortion by creating a new dialogue that puts people at the center of the conversation about abortion rights and access. For more information about the campaign, check out

This year, Advocates for Youth will partner with COLOR and students on college campuses across the United States to engage in civic and cultural advocacy work to destigmatize abortion and promote access to abortion services. Members of 1 in 3 student chapters will serve as activists, advocates and spokespeople on abortion access in their community and around the country. They will also be the leaders in carrying out some of our most notable national events as

Advocates for Youth will provide selected 1 in 3 Campaign Student Chapters with advocacy and media training, ongoing technical support, campaign supplies, and seed grants each semester for related campus events. Other in person trainings will also be available throughout the year.

The goals of 1 in 3 Campaign Student Chapters are to:

1. Mobilize fellow students to end the culture of shame and stigma that people are made to feel about abortion and work toward building a culture of empathy and support
2. Create a space where people feel comfortable coming forward and sharing their experiences with abortion on campus
3. Increase public awareness and support of abortion access
4. Educate the media on issues related to abortion access
5. Advocate for policies that promote access to abortion on a local and national level

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