Daily Accountability Form
Agent Name
Accountability Date
Not necessarily the date you're filling this out. This is the date of the calls you've made, letters you mailed out, etc.
Letters Out
Emailed or standard mailed letters to a lead that is not under contract. Form letters and auto emails from drip campaigns not included
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2 Way Conversations
Actual conversations with people over the phone, via text, FB, or other method of instant communication. DOES NOT INCLUDE IN PERSON CONVERSATIONS. Those go in the next section.
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Personal Visits
In-person visit with a lead that is not under contract and having a conversation about real estate to build/improve relationships.
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Appointments Set
Number of appointments set for a buyer consultation, listing consultation, or home valuation/CMA.
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Appointments Gone On
Number of appointments actually gone on. A buyer consultation, listing consultation, or home valuation/CMA.
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Total Contact Attempts
# of attempted outgoing phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, etc.
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New Contacts Entered Into Database
A new contact entered into database.
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New Client Contracts Signed
Listing or Buyer Agency Contracts Signed
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Listing or Buyer Under Contract
Contracts to Buy and Sell Signed
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Transactions Closed
Actual Closings
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Volume Closed
Dollar volume of closings
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