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Volunteer Application
* Forward your cover letter and resume to: Naomi.Naylor@Colorado.EDU *

* All applicants chosen to be part of the STEM Crew are required to complete a mandatory training on April 27th from 4:30 - 8:00pm *

* Application Deadline: March 20, 2017

First Name
Last Name
Your Age (You must be at least 14 yrs. old by May 1, 2017 - no exceptions will be made)
Date of Birth
Email Address
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Parent First Name
Parent Last Name
Parent Email Address
Parent Phone Number
What is your current address?
What is your summer address? If your summer address is the same as your current address, please type "SAME"
What High School do you attend?
Do you have past work experience?
If you have work experience, please describe the work skills you acquired.
Do you have past work experience with CU Science Discovery?
If you have worked with Science Discovery, in what capacity and what skills did you acquire?
Please describe why you want to be part of Science Discovery's STEM Crew this summer.
Please select the preferred age range(s) of the campers you would like to work with.
Please list the subjects/disciplines in which you have taken classes, have substantial background knowledge or interest:
How did you hear about the STEM Crew Volunteer Program? School, email, flyer, parent, or friend? Other? Please specify.
Our summer program runs May 30-August 11. What weeks would you be available to volunteer?
Please provide a reference name and phone number (example: work supervisor, teacher, babysitting/petsitting/house-sitting jobs, etc; basically an adult who can recommend you besides a parent).
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