Training Event Database - registrations
Form version v2019.02. AFTER you have run a Color Accounting training event, use this form to register it. We (the CAI central team) love receiving these updates: it makes us think of you, spurs us to contact you and allows us to celebrate big events with you!
1. Educator - lead *
Lead educator's name - given name and then family name. If also a support educator, add their details in 1a.
1a. Educator/s - support
If applicable, list full name of all support educator's for this event. Discuss who did what in Comments.
2a. Start date *
The date on which this Color Accounting event started (mm/dd/yyyy) - no future dates please
2b. Duration *
Length of event in hours or days. If the CA section was part of a longer course, please provide details in Comments.
3. Location *
Where was this event held? Specify city and country.
4a. Group size *
Number of participants in total group - in numerals please eg. 15. If using an estimate, please be as accurate as possible.
4b. Event type *
Seminars are less than 4 hours in total duration (including split days). EDW = Educator Development Workshop (TTT - only for use of Master Educators). If 'other', please explain further in the comments box at 7.
5a. End-user client *
Name of the organisation whose people attended this training. If a public event, enter 'Public:' and then note each organisation's name, separated by a comma.
5b. Industry *
Brief description of the end-user client's industry. If a public event, enter 'Public' and note any significant clients.
5c. Client reach *
If International client, please provide details in Comments below.
6. Sales Partner *
Name of the Sales Partner organisation responsible for this training event. If you, enter your company name or 'self'
7. Testimonials
If you received some great feedback or testimonials, please do let us know what they said. If their comment cannot be used for marketing, please specify. You can email us any video testimonials.
Any comments that you may have about the event or the client or further details from above.
9. Email address *
This helps us confirm your registration - thank you. PLEASE NOTE: if applicable, please forward a copy of your registration confirmation email (when received) to the Sales Partner responsible for this event.
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