College Houses: Membership Application
Please read this entire application carefully.
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"Membership" applications determine if you are eligible for a full housing contract (which includes the 17 meal/week meal plan at all of our houses except Nueces and Opsis). "Associate" applications are for individuals who plan to live somewhere outside of College Houses but want to participate in our community and purchase a meal plan only.
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At the time you move in, what will your academic status be? *
Regardless of academic standing, please note that residents must be at least 18 years old by the contract start date in order to complete a contract with College Houses.
Which semester would you want to move in?
You can change this response when you request your contract materials if your membership application is approved.

These are the dates exactly as they will appear in your contract.
If you are seeking an early move-in, we strongly recommend that you make alternative arrangements for any days before the start date listed on your contract.

If you are looking for short term housing in Austin before your contract start date, here are some resources we are familiar with (this list is not an endorsement, it is meant to be a resource list):
Hosteling International:
Firehouse Hostel:
Drifter Jack’s:
Native Hostel:

Which semester would you want to move in? *
Please select a semester and year within the next two academic years
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Interested in a Fall-Only Contract?
College Houses does not offer fall-only contracts; however, we do have a standardized contract break fee process across all of our houses. Our full contract break policy and guidelines document is available online:

In short, as long as you complete the contract break request paperwork, submit all of your materials before December 1st and finish the full fall semester with the specified move out date in December, you may qualify for the reduced contract break fee of $75 (without the need to find a substitute or complete a contract buyout). If you do not meet all of the conditions outlined in the attachment for a reduced rate contract break fee, then the full $950 contract break fee may apply. The full terms are outlined in the document that will download when you click the link I provided you with (above).

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