College Houses Checkout Form
Per the Contract, a member is required to complete this form, or a paper checkout form*, to receive their deposit back. A checkout form should be used anytime a person changes rooms or checks out of their cooperative. The Membership Coordinator or Officer checking the person out will verify the information the Member provides in this form, as well as, check if your room and bathroom were cleaned to the standard set forth by the board. The following are those standards:

To avoid a room cleaning charge of $28.00 the resident must ensure:

-Walls are free of dust and clean to touch
-Shelving washed sanitized
-Furniture dust free
-Vinyl plank flooring (mopped clean)
-Ledges cloth wiped clean
-Closets and Built-ins wiped clean/dust free
-Room must be clutter free
-Shelving, closets and desk drawers free of personal items

To avoid a bathroom cleaning charge of $45.00 the resident must ensure:

-Shower curtain free of mold and mildew if there is a curtain left
-Sink fixtures clean
-Floors cleaned (mopped and sanitized)
-Toilet (seat and bowl sparkling clean- sanitized)
-Toilet (outer portions and back clean sanitized)
-Clean Counter-tops, cabinets and shelving
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