ProEMS Ride-Along Sign-Up Form
Thank you for signing up for a ride-along! Choose a time span, and I will email you to confirm you can be accommodated. Please sign up early so Pro can find space for you.


WHERE: All shifts will begin at 31 Smith Place, Cambridge, MA, at Pro's headquarters. When you arrive, go in through the main doors: the one on the right side when you're looking at the building (there's a few stairs leading to the doors--it's NOT the Center for Medics entrance). Check in with the folks at dispatch (the desk at the end of the hallway as you enter), and they will direct you to where you need to go. You can take the 74 or 78 bus from Harvard Square, both of which stop in front of Smith Place. See the map below since it's not readily visible from the road.

WHEN: Choose a date when you would like to do a ride-along, and then indicate a fixed start time, as well as a preferred end time, but keep in mind that the end time will vary based on Pro's availability. The minimum duration for a ride-along must be 4 hours, but ideally try to block off 5-6 hours for the shift in case of unexpected situations. The standard length of an EMS shift is 12 hours, so keep in mind that the longer you stay on shift the more you will learn! When you want to leave, ask the Pro team to drop you off at the square. If you are running late or have to cancel last-minute, please call Pro dispatch at (617) 492-2700 to let them know.

WEAR: You must wear your full CrimsonEMS uniform--this includes the white polo, black duty pants, belt, and black work boots. Bring your Massachusetts EMT cert (if applicable), a government issued ID (aka Drivers License), and your CPR card. If you have any questions about what to wear, ask me ( or the Equipment Officer (

WHAT: Since you are all EMTs (or are in training), you will be expected not to just observe, but to help out on calls. What you do on shift will vary from truck to truck depending on how you/Pro are comfortable dividing up the work. Expect to take vitals and interact with patients. Pro may give you a quick walk-through of basic stretcher operations and equipment. If not, don't be afraid to ask questions!

WRITE-UP: After your shift, please complete a short write-up of your ride-along. Include the names of the Pro folks you were riding with (first names are fine), and a brief description of the patients you saw/what interventions you personally gave. Please do the write-up on this form:
The write-ups are a very important part of our community's ride-along experience: shared patient stories may be developed into drills, teaching examples and inspirations for our work.

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I will notify the Training Officer if I have to cancel my ride-along. I will be professional and enthusiastic on shift and treat all agencies and the patients with respect. I will have a dope ride-along and help make CrimsonEMS a better/more prepared agency! Have a great shift!
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