Rootstrikers Catalyst Program Application 2015-2016

Sponsored by the Foundation for Civic Leadership and Harvard College Democracy Matters

Due: November 9th, 2015 at 11:59pm

Thank you for applying to the Rootstrikers Catalyst Program. We seek to foster civic engagement among Harvard students and the surrounding community by connecting student organizations with small grants, advisors, and trainings to help them advocate for change. We hope to promote creative and innovative activism and help student leaders design the most impactful, sustainable action projects, always with an eye to building multi-year organizing and collaboration across groups. Some expenses we cover include:
• Printing and publication costs for promotional materials
• Domestic travel for student activists
• Bringing in speakers or trainers
• Expenses associated with events
• Costs of starting a new organization or chapter of an existing organization
• Other projects that advance the cause or strengthen organizational capacity

If accepted to the program:
• Meet with our advisory board so we can work with you to refine the project.
• Attend a reception with the other groups in the program to share what you’re working on.
• Choose a training that may be helpful to your project or organization and attend that training the week of December 7th.
• Provide input to help us improve the training program for future years.
• Keep track of all original receipts from the project and submit them along with a final self-evaluation, which includes a final budget and written questions, within 30 days after the event/project has ended.
• Return to the Foundation for Civic Leadership any unspent funds that were allocated to the project. You are encouraged to estimate your event’s budget as closely as possible to actual cost.
• Meet with the Rootstrikers advisory board after the project to evaluate the project and discuss lessons learned.

Applicants will be notified of the acceptance of their grant award as noted in the schedule below. Applicants are welcome to contact the Foundation for Civic Leadership to determine the status of their grant if they have not been notified promptly by emailing us at

Review Schedule 2015-2016
Application Deadline: 11/09/15 at 11:59 pm
Review Board Meeting: 11/11/15
Notification Date: 11/16/15
Meeting with advisory board and selected groups: 11/20/15