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Welcome to SummerCamp!

SummerCamp ( organizes events for Harvard students interning (or just interested) in tech over the summer. Our mission is to connect students with...

(1) Each other
(2) Companies
(3) Alumni

We hope to introduce you to future friends, future mentors, and future coworkers / cofounders. Last year, our membership consisted of 300+ Harvard students interning in the Bay Area and NYC. We held events ranging from mixers and tech talks to large conferences, campus tours and intimate dinners. Our partners have included Google, Facebook, Sequoia Capital, Stripe, Pinterest, and Airbnb. You can see a full list on our website.

If you'll be in NYC, SF/Bay Area, or Seattle this summer, please fill this out so we can stay in touch. If you won't be, please still sign up so that we share other opportunities as they come up and/or connect you with local alumni / tech organizations.

All the best,
The SummerCamp 2017 Team

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Skipping this step will result in you not receiving invites to any events! Once you're a member you can change your email settings on Google Groups if you'd rather receive digests than individual messages.
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Keith Karasek (Director of Experiential and Career Development @ SEAS) has asked if our members would be willing to share information about their summer plans with SEAS. This helps SEAS understand the internship landscape and support Harvard undergraduates still looking for work this summer, and likely looking for work next summer. Keith cares a lot about connecting students to meaningful opportunities, and you sharing your internship experience with him will help him do just that for the students who come after you.
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