Share your story to help us make DC safer for Muslim communities.
What are your stories of being harassed or assaulted in the DC area because of your real or perceived Muslim identity? Share them with us to help us inform important advocacy we're working on this year to make DC safe for everyone.

Your accounts will support training, advocacy, and development efforts by CASS and Muslim American Women's Policy Forum. We will keep all accounts anonymous unless otherwise specified. Thank you, as always, for sharing your story.

If you have questions or prefer to submit your story via email, please contact Collective Action for Safe Spaces ED Jessica Raven at or Muslim American Women's Policy Forum Co-Founder Darakshan Raja at

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Signage, training, and a system to report staff abuses are ways that we want DC public institutions to address growing Islamophobia. What are some suggestions you have that will help DC institutions make you feel safer?
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