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Welcome Back to the 2nd Semester.

Do YOU know the Alma Mater???

CHHS Alma Mater
In the heart of sunny southland, High on Colbert's peak
Stands the school we'll cherish always, with devotions deep.
Colbert Heights, our Alma Mater, Bring us thanks to you
For the happy years of childhood, spent with friends so true.
On the city's southern border, Reared against the sky
Proudly stands our Alma Mater, As the years go by.
Forward ever be our watchword,Conquer and prevail
hail to thee our Alma Mater, Colbert Heights, all hail!

Club Signups

Use PAWS to find a club or activity to get involved on campus.

Prom Info

Candle Order and money due October 13th to your junior homeroom teacher.

Dress Code due to your Math teacher (Crosswhite or Walker) by October 4th.

You must turn in a dress code form in order to attend prom.

$100 prom fee due to your Junior homeroom teacher by February 13th.

Prom is March 24th @ the CHHS gym.

See Ms. McKinney or Mrs. Brumley for dress code concerns.

Theme possibilities are Paris, Clue Murder Mystery, Under the Sea, and Neon Miami.

County Basketball Tournament Schedule

Varsity Girls play Monday at 4:30

B Team Boys play Tuesday at 1:30

Varsity Boys play Tuesday at 7:30

All games will be at Colbert County High School

School Closed

Jan. 6th due to the threat of inclement weather. The Jan.6th basketball games will be rescheduled.

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