Student Needs Assessment Colbert Heights High School
Answer each statement and check how true it is.

I need help with the following concerns:

1. Making friends
2. Fitting in at school
3. Dealing with peer pressure
4. Making better decisions
5. Improving communication
6. I know where to get help if I have thoughts of hurting myself
7. Getting involved in school activities
8. Dating or relationship issues
9. I have concerns with alcohol and/or drug use
10. Being more assertive
11. Helping myself (gaining more self-confidence, feeling better about myself, expressing my feelings and thoughts)
12. Handling teasing or being bullied
13. Getting along with other students
14. Getting along better with family members
15. Feeling sad or depressed
16. Feeling suicidal
17. Grief over the loss of a loved one
18. Parental divorce
19. Dealing with anger
20. Feeling stressed
21. Feeling anxious or irritable
22. Skills for resolving conflict
23.Being more organized
24. Improving study skills
25. Reducing test anxiety
26. Improving test taking skills
27. Developing my course schedule
28. Understanding the best career options for me
29. Planning my options after high school
30. The college application process
31. Knowing what educational options are available to me when I graduate
32. Getting along with teachers
33. Understanding graduation requirements
34. I know who my counselor is.
35. My classes keep me interested in the topic.
36. My teachers are willing to help me when I have questions
37. I have a clear career plan to follow when I graduate
38. I am involved in at least one school activity outside of class
39. I will stay in school until I graduate high school
40. I will continue my education after high school
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