RA and Commissioner Recommendation Form
Thank you for assisting the Office of Residence Life in the Resident Assistant and/or Commissioner selection process.

The RAs serve an integral role in maintaining the welfare of the student body as well as creating a vibrant community within the residence halls. Your ratings and comments will help us identify those students who, by their qualities of leadership, trust, responsibility, and resourcefulness, can best support their peers as community leaders.

The Commissioner is directly responsible for a group of freshmen students called a “family.” The Commissioner is there to help with the personal and academic concerns of the freshmen students, and to help the family adjust to college life. This position reports directly to the Coordinator of Residence Life and the First-Year Experience.

Please make an honest judgment on the qualities of the student you are evaluating, in comparison to other students you have worked with. If the person you are recommending has applied for both the Resident Assistant and Commissioner positions, you will only need to fill out one recommendation form.

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In the section below, please honestly rate the candidate based on your experience of working with them.
Honesty/Integrity - Practices a core set of positive role modeling values. Can be trusted with confidential information. Uses good judgment. *
Reliability/Dependability - Is on time, completes work in a timely manner. Committed, dedicated and degree to which this person is dependable. *
Acceptance of Others - Exhibits open-minded, nonjudgmental, accepting and supportive behavior. Effectively relate to persons with differing lifestyles, ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. *
Leadership Ability - Effective motivator and facilitator of groups. Understands the leadership role; gains respect, cooperation and participation of group members. *
Maturity/Emotional Ability - Adaptable and flexible. Appropriate emotional responses; coping with anxiety; evenness of disposition and mood. *
Enthusiasm/Initiative - Displays a positive attitude. Ease and vigor with which this person approaches a new situation. *
Communication Skills - Assertive with thoughts and ideas. Encourages different points of view and active listening. The degree to which this person can clearly and effectively express her/himself. *
Administrative Skills - Able to prioritize tasks and develop action plans. Regularly meets set deadlines. *
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