Coahoma County School District Needs Assessment Student Survey 2017-2018
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What is your favorite subject?
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What would help you to do a better job with your school work?
What equipment or materials do you think would help improve your school?
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Are you able to see a counselor when you need to?
Have your technology skills improved this year?
If so, what has helped you most in improving your technology skills?
What computer program/tool/class at school has helped you the most?
Do you think drugs are a problem on your campus?
Do you think gangs are a problem on your campus?
Is bullying a problem in your school, cyber or school?
If you answered yes to questions 8, 9, or 10, what do you think would make your school a safer place?
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What program at your school has helped you the most in making healthy choices?
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Have you participated in Summer School and/or After-School Tutoring programs?
If yes, do you feel it has helped you with learning and achieving success in your school work?
Did you participate in the Abstinence Plus Program?
If yes, do you feel it has helped you make healthy and wise decisions?
What suggestions or comments do you have regarding school improvement?
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