Request for NC Voter Registration Forms for Voter Registration Drives
Use this web form to request voter registration applications for voter registration drives.
To request voter registration applications, you will be asked to provide your name, contact information, shipping address and the number of forms you are requesting.
When conducting voter registration drives, please note GS 163A-1388(a), as amended by SL 2018-13, which provides (among other things) that the following acts are misdemeanors;
• to communicate to the applicant acceptance of the voter registration application and then fail to make a good faith effort to deliver it so that it is received by the county board of elections in time to satisfy the registration deadline
• to sell or attempt to sell a completed voter registration form or to condition its delivery upon payment
• to change a person’s information on a voter registration form prior to its delivery to a county board of elections
• to coerce a person into marking a party affiliation other than the party affiliation the person desires
• to offer a person a voter registration form that has a party affiliation pre-marked unless the person receiving the form requested the pre-marking.
• for any person who is not an elections official or not otherwise authorized by law to take the following from a voter registration form and keep it in any form or for any purpose:
- registrant’s signature
- registrant’s full or partial social security number
- registrant’s date of birth
- the identity of the public agency at which the registrant registered
- the registrant’s email address
- the registrant’s driver license number

A person who is not an elections official or not otherwise authorized by law may not photocopy, transcribe, record or transmit such information to a database.

Persons who conduct voter registration drives must bear in mind that all voter registrations must be signed by the voter who is registering. Unsigned registrations will not be processed.

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