CNU Highways-to-Boulevards Video Contest

CNU wants to see your vision for cities without highways! What’s your ideal for the Freeway-without-a-Future in your community? CNU is launching a contest for engaging, short videos (three-minute max) on urban highways from around the world. CNU asks aspiring filmmakers, urban enthusiasts, and citizen activists to describe the impact urban highways have in their communities. CNU wants to hear local voices on what alternatives they envision for the space instead of a highway. CNU will post video submissions on its website and share the videos with Highway-to-Boulevard campaigns throughout the country. Plus, CNU will award the two most compelling videos with cash prizes! How to Enter This contest begins at 3:00 pm Central on September 21, 2012 and ends at midnight Central on April 29, 2013. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube as a video titled as “Highways to Boulevards:” and the urban highway name. Entrant must complete this form with video YouTube URL, full name, valid email address, daytime telephone number. If it is a group submission, one member of the group must be designated as the primary entrant. The primary entrant is required to list his/her information on the submission form. No purchase, donation, or CNU membership necessary to participate. For a full description of prizes, contest rules, and video judging criteria, please visit:
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