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Use this form to request IRC PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT or TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE in your district on a for-fee basis. Please note that all requests may not be accepted due to scheduling and/or presenter availability. Requests are reviewed regularly and you will be contacted by IRC staff within 5 business days. After consultation with you, you will receive a consolidated copy of your request. It takes approximately 10 - 15 minutes to complete the form. If you need to step away or multi-task, do not close the form or you will lose the information.

The IRC is currently scheduling 8 to 10 weeks out. If this request is for a date sooner than 8 to 10 weeks away, it may be declined.

Fee schedule for for-fee PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT is as follows:
Half-Day Professional Development: $1,400* (3 hours or less, inclusive of all breaks)
Full-Day Professional Development: $2,500* (more than 3 hours and less than 7 hours, inclusive of all breaks)
For other types of requests, please consult with the IRC.
*This fee schedule is for a maximum of 60 participants. If there will be more than 60 participants, additional fees may apply. If the number of participants increases, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee.

For TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE or Consultation, fees will vary based on scope of the request. Normally the fees are equal to requests for professional development. However, if ongoing support is requested, there may be some modifications. Once the Request for Service form is submitted, the IRC staff will contact you to discuss this request and provide you with a quote.

Districts will need to pay for specialists' mileage and/or lodging if the place of service is more than 50 miles away. Once your service has been scheduled, IRC staff will contact you with an approximate cost.

ISBE, in collaboration with IRC, also offers free Professional Development via scheduled webinars, workshops, and regional institutes throughout the state. See the IRC website at for a complete calendar of events and more information.

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