Inquiry Resources

Inquiry Examples:

Galileo Educational Network (Classroom Examples)

Calgary Science School (Connect! Blog)

High Tech High - All Projects Database

High Tech High – “7 Successful Projects”

High Tech High -” Trading Cards” (these are snapshots of projects)

Envision Schools Project Exchange

Expeditionary Learning – this one has very cool database of student work


Guide to Implementing Inquiry

Calgary Science School/Galileo Inquiry Rubric

Assessing Great Projects Tool

What Did You Do In School Today – Report on Effective Teaching

Challenge Based Learning Reflection Prompts

Habits of Mind (Meier)

Visible Thinking Routines and Protocols

Examining Student Work Process


Work that matters: A teachers guide to PBL:'s%20Guide%20to%20Project-based%20Learning.pdf 

Natural Curiosity Manual (

School as Inquiry (

What makes a good project? (

21st Century Learners and Learning (

Knowledge Building (

New Learning Environments for the 21st C. (

Focus on Inquiry (


Why Education Needs to Change – A Student Perspective

Rigour at High Tech High

What’s Needed in Education Today – John Seely Brown

Specific Classroom Examples:

Grade 7 Historical Thinking Remix

Grade 5 Electric Machines with Teacher Podcast

Grade 8 Virtual Rube Goldberg Machines

Calgary Mayoral Forum

Developing Mathematical Thinkers (Grade 4)

Grade 8 Renaissance Project

Cigar Box Project

Using QR Codes

Grade 8 Graphic Novels

Grade 4 Decomposition Lab

Grade 4 Mathematical Thinking

Grade 6 Poetry that Moves

Grade 6 Boreal Math

Grade 5 History Project


Powerful Learning (Linda Darling Hammond)

Making Learning Whole (David Perkins)

Teaching for Understanding (Martha Stone Wiske)

Teaching as a Subversive Activity (Postman and Weingartner) PDF at: