Sick Leave Donations for Minerva Garza

NOTE: Only local days can be donated.


. 1) Fill this Google Form.
. 2) Check your email a few minutes later.
. 3) Sign the PDF file.

. 1) Download PDF here
. 2) Max of 3 days can be donated.
. 3) Fill and sign the form.

. 1) Fax it to 956-580-5008 c/o Mari O. Elizondo and let us know how many... But,
. 2) The best option is to hand it in to one of us (Carlos or Minerva Garza). This way we can keep track of the number of days donated. Here's how:
. 2-a) To Mr. Garza: Juarez-Lincoln High School - Room 206
. 2-b) Mail to: PO Box 4013, Edinburg, TX 78540
. 2-c) Scan and email to: or
Minnie Strong Against Cancer
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