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I'm writing a book called Hadoop Operations (http://oreil.ly/LrD1FL) for O'Reilly and I need your help reviewing it! I'm looking for people with all levels of experience with Hadoop, including none at all, to provide constructive feedback on the clarity of the content, organization, correctness, and topic coverage. Grammar and spelling feedback is also nice, but less critical; my editors can yell at me about that stuff. This doesn't obligate you to any specific time commitment, although serious review offers are appreciated. It's well understood that things come up. I can't pay you and I can't really give you free copies (other than the drafts for review, of course). I can, however, put your name in the acknowledgements and proclaim your greatness publicly. You can choose what chapters or sections you review. You can provide feedback any way you choose, however, I prefer annotated PDFs (Apple's Preview app lets you do this, for instance). I may email you in response to feedback and I vow to never share your contact information with anyone without your permission. All reviewers will receive a draft immediately (as a PDF) and should expect occasional updates (no more frequent than once a week). Thanks in advance! -es
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