IABA Continuous Professional Development Activity Accreditation Form (For providers)  
This form should be used by all CPD providers who wish to submit a training/ learning activity to the IPC Accreditation Board for Africa (IABA).
The template is based on the CPD accreditation standards approved by the IABA.
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Information About the Host organization
You need to fill information about the CPD provider organization. Please complete all questions
Name of the host organization *
the host organization is the organization responsible for planning and executing the CPD activity
Country of the host organization *
Please state the name of the country of the organization that host the CPD
Affiliation *
Name of the chief executive officer   *
the name of the most senior executive at the host organization
Website of the host organization *
write the URL of the official website of the CPD host organization
Brief overview about the host organization *
in no more than 250 words, please describe the mission, purpose and important activities of the Host organization
Clear form
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