The Family Ministry Center: “Ministry in the Light”
Ministry to children and students is a joy, a privilege, and a responsibility.

We take seriously the call to impact young lives for Jesus Christ, as well as the responsibility to do all we can to ensure the safety of those young lives. In today’s day and age, ensuring safety goes beyond posting fires escape routes and keeping rooms adequately staffed. Keeping our kids safe involves conducting ministry in such a way that potential problems are minimized. That is Ministry in the Light.

Unfortunately, today we know that a very real and potential problem is child sexual abuse. One in four children are sexually abused before adulthood. That’s 25% of children. The church, as a trusting and typically open institution is often the target of sexual predators.

89% of abuse is performed by family members or acquaintances; someone known and trusted by the child.

The Protection Policy of Bay Presbyterian Church was approved as policy in 1999, and has been adapted for the Family Ministry Center and its Ministry Partners. Our prayer is that this policy, by virtue of your adherence to it, will help:
• Reduce the risk of sexual molestation for our children and students.
• Increase protection of our staff and volunteers from potential allegations.
• Limit the extent of the church’s liability and legal risk due to sexual abuse.
• Help our volunteers instinctively minister IN THE LIGHT.

—Ministry Protocols for Meeting Places—
In classroom settings for ministry there should be two volunteers in room at all times. This can be a teen/adult combination. All classrooms shall have a window or door open for easy viewing. All interactions between adults and children/students must occur in public places/venues.

—Ministry Protocols Concerning Transportation—
Volunteers are only permitted to transport children/students if they:
• Are a licensed driver over 21 years of age and have insurance coverage.
• The last youth taken home must be the same gender as the driver.
• Have obtained a permission slip from the student’s parents or guardian.

—Ministry Protocols Concerning Communication—
Every Effort should be made to avoid communication or contact which could be misinterpreted. Volunteers must report any suspected child abuse immediately to the Ministry Director. If you observe any child abuse, you need to intervene to stop the abuse and the report immediately to the Ministry Director. Please report to Ministry Director any observed infractions of this

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(This information will be held in the strictest confidence, used only for a background check, and then destroyed after it is used for this explicit purpose.)

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Your adherence to the “Ministry in the Light” policy is, in part, for your own protection.
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You must report any suggestion of sexual abuse to a ministry director.
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Have you ever been convicted of any type of sexual crime against a child?
Submitting this form completes the Family Ministry Center (FMC) Protection Policy and provides your permission for a background check to be run. Please submit your payment of $15 (memo: "Background check" + applicant's name) at the central office of the FMC during regular business hours or by U.S. Mail to complete this application. The FMC is located at:

3389 Fulton Road
Cleveland, OH 44109

Visit or call 216-398-8420 for more information.

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