Uhrichsville Waterpark Discount Form
This form provides the Uhrichsville Waterpark with student information to verify enrollment for the purpose of offering a discount to the park to those who are students of Claymont City Schools or those who reside in the city of Uhrichsville. Information from the form may also be used for the purpose of contacting a parent/guardian should an emergency, weather related closing, and/or other concerns arise while your child(ren) is/are using the park.
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Waterpark Usage Agreement & Photo Release
I hereby acknowledge that my child(ren), in attending and using the Uhrichsville Waterpark located in Uhrichsville, Ohio, do so at their own risk. Uhrichsville Waterpark shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to personal property or for any injuries sustained by my child (ren), on or about the premises.

I assume full responsibility for any injuries or damages which may occur to my child(ren) while on or about the premises. I do hereby fully and forever release and discharge Uhrichsville Waterpark, including its employees, owners, officers, and agents for any and all claims, demands, damages, resulting from or arising out of the use of the facilities by my child(ren).

I hereby certify that my child(ren) in participating in this function is/are in good health and is able to use the swimming pool and related facility without assistance. I understand that lifeguards will be present when using the facility. I understand that no areas of the facility are designed for diving.

I have read and fully agree to abide by the rules and regulations for the use of the Uhrichsville Waterpark.

Right of Privacy Release: I agree to the photography, filming or videotaping of my child's appearance while visiting Uhrichsville Waterpark and the reproduction of such materials by the Uhrichsville Waterpar, for marketing materials.

I agree that the Uhrichsville Waterpark is, and will be, the sole owner of all rights in and to the materials and the reproductions thereof. Uhrichsville Waterpark shall have the right, among other things, to reproduce the materials one or more times for any and all lawful purposes, including the promotion of Uhrichsville Waterpark business.

I represent that at the time of receiving and signing the agreement and release, I am of lawful age and legally competent to execute it, and that before signing this agreement and release, I have fully informed myself of its contents and execute with full knowledge thereof.

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