The purpose of this form is to collect and update personal and employment data of our former students and staff for our database. The data submitted in this form is confidential and will be treated as such, and will not be shared with any third parties.

How your data will be handled...

1) All data will be stored and transmitted only through encrypted mechanisms

2) Only anonymised and statistical data will be distributed / published (e.g. average number of languages spoken by our alumni, examples of sectors of employment)

3) No Personal Data will be shared without the explicit consent of the submitter

4) At any point, you have the right for your information to be removed. In such case, send your request to

5) Should an official VIS Alumni Association be formed, you will be notified and, only with your explicit consent, the data held by Verdala International School (see Contacts below) will be shared with the elected officials of this association.

6) For any security and privacy queries, please contact

Last Updated: 28th May 2020

We certainly appreciate your time and the information you provide.

For any further queries kindly contact:

Jill Kirkstadt (VIS Faculty 1996-present):
Nicky Schembri (VIS Faculty 1996-present):

Thank you.
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