Clarion-Limestone Parent Involvement
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1. The atmosphere at Clarion-Limestone Elementary School is inviting. *
2. Overall, I feel there is good communication between home and school. *
3. If you disagree, please describe how communication could be improved between home and school.
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4. Open house and parent-teacher conferences are an effective way of facilitating communication between home and school. *
5. I feel comfortable talking with my child's teacher. *
6. I access information about my child's school through the school's website ( *
7. Assessment results (e.g., STAR, PSSA, etc.) have been explained to me in a way that is easy to understand. *
8. Offerings at the school (e.g., curriculum, supplemental programs, interventions, etc) have been shared in a way that is easy to understand. *
9. I feel comfortable helping my child with their school work at home. *
10. I would be willing to attend evening workshops at the school where I could learn strategies to help my child improve as a student. *
Please check the types of workshops you may like to attend in an effort to help your child succeed. (Check all that apply)
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