Help for Claires Court Online Pupil Details/Reports/Timetable/Absences Portal

1 - Go to Claires Court website (

2 - Click “Menu”

3 - Click “Parent’s” icon

Click “Report Portal”

The Domain Clairescourt will be in place

Then enter your Username and Password as supplied

You also need to tick the

“I accept Schoolbase’s Cookie Policy”

Then Click Login

Choose desired area

See following slides for examples

To change you password click here


Lunch Booking is made within ‘Booking Activities’ (see next page for further details)

2.Select your child’s name here, and your details

Reporting Absence

1.On the left hand navigation select Absence Reporting

3.Indicate the date and timings of the absence

4.Chose a reason for the absence from the drop down and in the free text box, please give as much detail to explain the absence as possible

4. This lunch choice will then automatically be booked on this day every week unless you choose to ‘Leave Group’

1. First select the day of the week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. Lunches are charged on a weekly basis, so you will need to make a selection for each day as you will be charged for a full week.

2. Choose either….

  • Hot Main (meat/fish)
  • Hot Veg (vegetarian)
  • Salad Main (meat/fish)
  • Salad Veg (vegetarian)

3. Click ‘Join Group’ to book the desired lunch option.

Lunch Booking

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for lunch bookings is 4pm Thursday of the preceding week. Any changes made after this cut-off, will not come into effect until the week after.

Parents Evening Booking

1. Select ‘Parents Evening’ from the left hand navigation menu, then select which child and year group parents’ evening from the drop down options available

2. Click ‘Edit Appointments’

3. Slide the button to ‘Required’, then select a time slot from the drop down list

4. Click ‘Finish’ to confirm and book slot

Change Password Page

Check/Change of Child Details

1 - Choose

  • Personal Information
  • Medical Information
  • Other Consents

2 - Review your current information and make any corrections

3 - Press “Submit” to send the details of any changes to Claires Court Registrar. No details will be updated until approved by the Registrar.









Definition of Consents

Other Consents

  • Allow Biometric Info
    • Allow your child’s thumb scan to be used for cashless catering and printer use.
  • Allow Photo Consent*
    • Allow photographs of your pupil to appear in School publications and web-site
  • Mobile Phone Use in School
    • Allowing your child to have their phone in school and to providing their number

*’No Information Given’ means consent is assumed. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you consent to the School obtaining and using photographs and images of your child for publicity purposes, following child safety guidelines . If you chose not to give consent it can have massive implications for shows, sports events, certificate presentations etc. For further clarification please contact before selecting ‘no consent’.

Medical Information/Consents

  • Emergency Asthma Inhaler
    • Use the school emergency asthma inhaler (diagnosed asthmatics only)
  • Height/Weight/Visual Checks
    • To have height, weight and visual checks
  • Oral chlorphenamine syrup
    • Administer chlorphenamine syrup (Piriton)
  • Over the counter medicines
    • Administer topical antihistamines, arnica, antacids
  • Paracetamol
    • Administer paracetamol

Check/Change of Personal (Adult) Details

1 - Choose

“Your Details” or “Contact Information”

2 - Review your current information and make any corrections

3 - Press “Save” to send the details of any changes to Claires Court Registrar for updating. No details will be updated until approved by the Registrar.




Check/Change of Details

Dist? means you are prepared to have this number distributed to other parents if (for example) a parents group is created for a form

SMS? means you are prepared to accept text messages on this number

Click here to update a number

Click here to delete a number

Example of a Timetable



Example of Reports

1 - Choose Child (if more than one in family)

2 - Click desired report

then downloaded (as a .pdf file)