Assignment: Groups and Practice 101
Please complete the following tasks within a week of your webinar session if you are hoping to become CK-12 Certified.

In this assignment you will go through the following sections.

A) Adaptive Practice
B) Study Groups vs. Class Groups
C) Tools for Study Groups and Class Groups
D) Being Successful with Groups and Practice

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- CK-12 Team
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Adaptive Practice
What are some of the benefits of using CK-12's Adaptive Practice System? *
How might you use CK-12's Adaptive Practice with your students (or what use might you recommend to a colleague)? *
Study vs. Class Groups
What are the differences and similarities between Study and Class Groups? *
Study Groups
Class Groups
Any group member can share resources.
Teachers/admins can assign adaptive practice and quizzes.
Teachers/admins receive reports on student assignments.
Teachers/admins can enable and disable the Q&A feature.
Tools for CK-12 Groups
Check the following steps once completed. *
Thinking Ahead: Being Successful with Groups and Practice
What makes a good question in the Groups Q&A feature? *
Why are the pros/cons of anonymous posting in Groups? *
What do students need in order to complete one of your CK-12 assignments? *
How might you make your assignments more engaging for students? *
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