Assignment: Adopting CK-12 Curriculum
Please complete the following tasks within a week of your webinar session if you are hoping to become CK-12 Certified.

In this assignment you will work your way through the following sections to help you make a plan for developing content and implementing CK-12 with your teachers/students.

A) Hopes and Challenges in Implementation
B) Scope, Details, and Milestones in Development and Implementation
C) Components of Successful CK-12 Adoption

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- CK-12 Team
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When did you attend this session? *
Hopes and Challenges in Implementing CK-12
Based on what you've seen about CK-12, what are you most excited about? *
What do you see as the biggest challenge in implementing CK-12? *
Schools and districts adopt CK-12 for many reasons, from cutting costs, to localizing content, making learning more interactive, or bringing assignments online. What are you hoping to achieve in adopting CK-12? *
Scope, Details, and Milestones
In what subject(s) will you be using FlexBooks® or CK-12 content? *
What grades/age groups will be using CK-12 resources? *
Are you adopting CK-12 resources in one class, school-wide, or across a district? *
Will you be using a FlexBook® as a core part 
of your content? *
Will you customize existing FlexBooks® or start a new FlexBook® from scratch? *
How will you address customization, localization, and standards alignment? *
What approval steps do you have to go through, if any, to adopt FlexBooks®? *
Who will be involved in the FlexBook® development process and what roles will they play (e.g. curriculum leads, teachers, and students)? *
What are the milestones in adopting CK-12 (e.g. key dates of curriculum-planning meeting, draft delivery, and publishing)? *
What are your projected costs/cost savings in adopting CK-12? *
What level of technology is available to your students *
Which of the following are available to your students? *
How will students access and use your FlexBooks® and other CK-12 resources? *
Components of Successful Adoption
How will you make your FlexBooks® engaging? *
What LMS/SIS do you use and will this affect CK-12 adoption? You can look here for CK-12 integration information *
What else will you do to ensure successful FlexBook® adoption (e.g. include staff training or a one-year FlexBook® tryout with one class)? *
What will represent success in adopting CK-12 and how will this be measured? *
What CK-12 skills do you need in order to be successful? How will you learn them? *
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