IPC Special Application- CJC MUN
Please note that only students from grade 10, 11 and 12 are eligible to register.
Any queries, please contact:
Director of the International Press Corps - Ishika Saxena (ph: 75584 17211)
Assistant Director of the International Press Corps - Sanjana N (ph: 96322 92934)
Email ID: sanjanaaiyar@gmail.com
Name of the delegate:
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Email ID:
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Contact number:
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Are you representing a delegation?
If yes, which country has been allotted to your delegation?
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How many MUNs have you attended, prior to this?
Have you been part of a Press committee before?
Why do wish to be a part of this committee?
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Please state your first five preferred news agencies.
Please state valid reasons for the above preferences.
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Please state the forms of media you would like to use for reporting.
Which committees would you like to cover?
What do you believe is the role of a journalist in today's contemporary society?
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