City of Peru Animal Care & Control Adoption Application
Thank you for considering adopting a pet from the City of Peru Animal Care & Control.  Please fill out this application if you wish to view and adopt a pet.  Potential Adopters must:
•Be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
•Have a picture i.d. that shows current address (ie driver's license)
•Have written permission from landlord (if renting)
•Be willing to invest the time and money necessary to provide proper care, medical treatment and training for your pet on a long-term basis.
•Agree to spay/neuter your pet within 45 days if this has not already been done.
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If you have adopted before, from where? *
Yes, Paws for Cause in Logansport.  10 years ago we adopted a dog that was 3-4 years old at the time.  She passed away last fall.
Have you ever been ticketed or sited for animal cruelty or neglect? *
Name (last, first, middle initial) *
Spouse or Significant Other's Name (last, first, middle initial) *
Place of Employment *
Home Phone *
Cell Phone: *
Address (include city, street, zip) *
Email Address *
How long have you lived at this address: *
Note years and or months
Do you own or Rent? *
Are you planning on moving soon? *
Number of adults in the home *
# of Children in the Home *
Any pet allergies in the home? *
List all pets you have had in the last 3 years: (note dog/cat, pet name, if they are alive or deceased). *
Please list the name of your veterinarian that has seen the animals listed above.  (Name of vet and phone number, please.) *
How will you confine your pet to the property? *
Where will this dog reside at your house?  (If outside, the pet MUST have shelter/dog house, water & food at all times) *
Where will the pet be kept during the day? *
Where will the pet be kept during the evening? *
Where will the pet be kept while you are at work? *
How much time are you able to spend each day interacting with a dog? *
Are you prepared to spend time housetraining a dog if necessary?  It may take 1-2 weeks for a new family to learn the "language" the pet is speaking.  Look for signs he/she needs to go out. *
If the new adopted pet became destructive, what would you do? *
Under what circumstances would you not keep this pet? *
Are you aware that this animal will require: *
Please read the following information.  By reading this you indicate that you have understood and accept the terms and conditions of adoption from the City of Peru Animal Care & Control.
1.  I agree to an Animal Control Officer visiting my property as a follow up visit to check on the success of adoption.
2.  I accept that the City of Peru Animal Care & Control will not be held responsible for any disease or illness that may develop after the animal leaves the care of the City of Peru Animal Care & Control.  It may not be known if an animal has been exposed to an illness or has a hidden injury or genetic disorder.  Under these circumstances we cannot guarantee the health of any pet.  We would not knowingly adopt or place an animal with a serious medical condition.  You may have other basic medical concerns such as ear mites, internal parasites (worms) or external parasites (fleas).  If your vet should determine a more serious condition during the initial health exam, you may return the animal to the City of Peru Animal Care & Control.  You may choose to keep the pet, but all further costs are your responsibility.
3.  RESPONSIBILITY:   I, the applicant, will ensure that the pet is loved and cared for and that I will be a responsible pet owner to ensure my pet is not a nuisance to the neighbors and others.
4.  ADOPTED PETS MUST BE FIXED:   I, the applicant, understand that any pet adopted MUST be spayed or neutered at that the City of Peru Animal Care & Control reserves the right to spay or neuter any animal, at any time, while in our adoption program.
5.  MUST BE RETURNED TO US & NOT REHOMED:   I, the applicant, agree that if for any reason I can no longer keep my pet, that I will not sell or give the pet away, but I will contact the City of Peru Animal Care & Control to return the pet or receive help rehoming the pet.  Furthermore, there are no refunds of adoption fees.
6.  LIFELONG COMMITMENT:  I, the applicant, understand that pets can cost up to $500 or more each year for basic care and nutrition and that pets require regular veterinary visits.  I understand that pets can live up to 15 years or longer and that I am making a lifelong commitment when I adopt.
7.   I, the applicant, understand that failure to comply with the above may result in the animal being reclaimed by the City of Peru Animal Care & Control at their discretion.
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