Don't Tread on Pride: No TPP!
12 Noon, Friday June 17th 2016
Office of Rep Earl Blumenauer, 911 NE 11th Ave, Portland 97232
Contact Oregon Fair Trade Campaign for more information at or 503.736.9777

Kick off Pride Weekend with action! Rally against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and its egregious human rights violations at Congressman Earl Blumenauer's office.

Sponsored by Pride@Work Oregon, Portland Jobs with Justice, and the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign

The Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP, which has been signed but not ratified,

* creates no human rights accountability for Brunei, where same-sex relationships are punishable by stoning, or Malaysia, where being LGBTTQ can mean imprisonment

* privileges profit of pharmaceutical companies over access to medicine

* offshores good U.S. jobs to create jobs with unliveable wages along the Pacific Rim

* gives corporations rights to sue countries through the Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanism

* creates closer trading ties with Malaysia, a country known for its slave labor and human trafficking

* further consolidates U.S. power and imperialism and perpetuates a U.S. driven world economy

* threatens indigenous sovereignty and way of life

* rolls back environmental standards put in place under the last Bush administration

On Friday June 17th at Noon, join Oregon Fair Trade Campaign and allies, show your pride, rally, and march,all to keep pressure on Congress, specifically Earl Blumenauer, to vote NO on this destructive trade deal!

Speakers to be announced soon.

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