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Financial Aid Information Session for 2017/18 Entry學費資助計劃簡介會
Please answer all questions:
Email address
Thank you for your interest in attending an information session. Please choose a date. 歡迎參加學費資助計劃簡介會。請選擇日期。
Number attending (parents and students are welcome): 參加人數 (家長與學生歡迎參加):
Student Last Name 學生姓氏
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Student First Name 學生名字
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Date of Birth 出生日期
Gender 性別
Current School 現就讀學校
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Which year group is your child interested in applying for ? 請註明孩子欲入讀年級
Father or Mother's name 父/母親姓名
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Father or Mother's contact number 父/母親電話號碼
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How do you know about this information session (multiple answers allowed)? 你如何得知這個簡介會 (可選擇多個答案)?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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